Small Tibetan Quartz Hoops, Small Silver Hoops – Stefanie Sheehan

Small Tibetan Quartz Hoops

$ 138.00

Little silver hoops with raw tibetan quartz stones set in handmade prong settings.

Each pair will be uniquely different since all natural raw stones are used. Variation in size of stones, shape, inclusions, and markings will all vary, making your pair unique and one of a kind to you. I try to match stones as closely as possible for pairs but know that each stone in your earrings will not be a complete match to each other. Inclusions vary in color from black to brown.

Natural stones sizes vary from 8mm-12mm for length and about 6mm-10mm in width. Hoop size is just under half an inch or about 10mm.

Available in sterling silver.

Limited quantity available.