Silver and Gold Opal Island Pendant – Stefanie Sheehan

Silver and Gold Opal Island Pendant

$ 234.00 $ 312.00

A one of a kind pendant necklace with an Australian boulder opal you could dive into. It reminds me of a tropical island paradise with its sandy browns, glowing blue and iridescent green line details. There is a small 14k green gold ball detail at the top of the pendant. It was hand constructed from sterling silver, fine silver and 14k green gold. Hangs from a 20" long sterling silver chain.

Materials: approx 14mm by 8mm Australian boulder opal, sterling silver, fine silver, 14k green gold

Dimensions: Pendant measures 16mm long by 15mm wide. Sterling Silver chain is 20" long

Opal is a soft gemstone and should be taken extra care of knowing so. Australian opals can get wet ( with plain water) but I always recommend taking off jewelry before swimming, showering, cleaning, exercising etc.!


This necklace is posted on my Etsy shop as well. If by some chance 2 people purchase it at the same time, it will go to whosever order went through first and the other will be refunded. Thank you!