About Stefanie from Stefanie Sheehan Handmade Jewelry


Artist soldering jewelry in Long Island home studio

Stefanie Sheehan is a designer and metalsmith that strives to create unique, high quality jewelry for everyday wear. Each piece is handcrafted and finished by the artist herself in her Long Island studio with materials derived from the USA when ever possible and with gemstones that are ethically sourced. It is her goal to use recycled metals and packaging. Her collections are inspired both by physical things in nature and architecture as well as through feelings and emotions. She uses abstract and literal motifs in her creations that are either hand carved in wax and cast in metal or designed through metal fabrication. Her work is influenced not by trend, but with the desire to create something that can be seen as timeless. Jewelry is a very personal accessory and it is Stefanie’s passion to create pieces that people cherish for years to come. It is her hope that the wearer develops a connection with their piece of jewelry that makes them feel good and confident in their own personal style. Whether connected by the story, the material or the object, peoples bond with jewelry is strong, and it is part of what inspires Stefanie everyday.