Jewelry Care – Stefanie Sheehan

Jewelry Care

*All of our jewelry is handmade in our Long Island studio. Please allow for small imperfections or variations as it is part of the handmade process. 

*Our jewelry is made from brass, sterling silver, 14k gold fill and 14k gold materials. We can make certain items in higher carats of gold by request.

*The only material that you can expect to not tarnish is solid gold.

*To keep your jewelry from tarnishing, you should do your best to keep it away from water, perfumes and lotions. Keeping your jewelry in a plastic bag when unworn can help to slow tarnishing as well. Chlorine in pools can accelerate tarnishing!

*Some may like the tarnished look, which is totally cool! But if you prefer it bright and shiny you can use a polishing pad or cloth on your piece to make it look brand new again. Using a jewelry cleaner that is safe for the material of your jewelry will work too to remove tarnishing. Don't use any chemicals on jewelry with gemstones, as it can harm the stone.

*Brass jewelry can react very quickly with some people's skin. To keep brass from turning your finger or wrists funny colors, you can try applying a coat of clear nail polish to the parts of your jewelry that come in contact with your skin. This creates a barrier between the brass metal and your body.

*Warm soapy water and a soft bristled tooth brush can help clean gold items and help get debris and such off other metal as well. Just be sure to dry thoroughly when you are finished! This also works well with rings with gemstones. I do not recommend cleaning gemstone rings in any kind of chemicals or dips.

*Be careful when cleaning any items with soft gemstones or inlay. Some are especially sensitive to cleaners and abrasives, such as turquoise, opal, pearl, emerald or mother of pearl. Stay away from ultrasonic cleaners and harsh chemicals when cleaning soft gemstone and inlay jewelry. When cleaning a piece of jewelry with a softer stone with a toothbrush try and keep from scrubbing too hard on/near the gemstones. Instead try wiping that area with a very soft cloth.

*Please remember that jewelry is delicate, and it is not indestructible!
Wear your jewelry with care.