Stefanie Sheehan News

Stefanie Sheehan News

SPARKLY! December 31 2017, 0 Comments

Its New Years Eve and we are feeling SPARKLY!!!

Rings by Stefanie Sheehan

FLASH💥 October 02 2017, 0 Comments

The flash on those rainbow moonstones though 💥. Those are the Little Rainbow Moonstone Rings with silver bands, followed by a Day Ring with Garnet and a Silver Diamond Ring.

rings by Stefanie Sheehan

Rings of the day February 06 2017, 0 Comments

Rose gold, silver with Garnet, and yellow gold💕. 

From top to bottom: Open Ring, Day Ring with Garnet and a Thin Spike Ring.

rings by stefanie sheehan

January Birthstone, Garnet! January 22 2017, 0 Comments

It's the month of the beautiful Garnet birthstone! January babies (and other Garnet lovers,) scoop up a Day Ring with Garnet here.

Garnet Ring

Day Rings with gemstones! December 18 2016, 0 Comments

These are one of my favorite designs. I also LOVE garnets and opals! Shop the Garnet Day Ring or the Opal Day Ring in sterling silver or 14K gold.

Day Rings with Gemstones