Stefanie Sheehan News

Stefanie Sheehan News

Have a SHINY Day! August 28 2017, 0 Comments

Straight from the tumbler (for shininess and strength πŸ’ͺ).Β The rings roll around with the stainless steel shot along with some water and soap for a few hours. It's an important part of my process, especially for the thin rings! Hope you have a shiny and strength filled day! ✌️

Shown is the Large Silver Spike Ring, Pinnacle Ring, and Gold Evil Eye Ring.

shiny rings

Wax Carvings of Rings March 19 2017, 0 Comments

Back when the Lost & Found Collection was just sketches and wax carvings πŸ‘. Here is the Follow Your Heart Ring and the You Found Me Ring before they became metal.

Wax Carvings

Little Gemstone Rings March 11 2015, 0 Comments

I have soooo many random gemstones laying around my studio. I love gemstones, but I don't often use them. I'm thinking maybe sometime in the future I will create an entire collection around some really amazing stones, because I do find them very inspiring.Β 

For now I took some of the small ones I had and decided to make a very simple, easy to wear, everyday ring. The Little Gemstone Rings are completely handmade. The different gemstones are turquoise, rainbow moonstone, and peridot. The stone setting is custom for each stone because all the gemstone are natural and vary very slightly in shape and size. The ring band can be made in the material of your choice. They are shown in gold, because I really love the look of mixing metals (silver setting with a gold band.) I hope you love these little guys as much as I do!!!!