SPRING & SUMMER, FINALLY! April 02 2015, 0 Comments

The warmer weather is finally coming, and its time to find some easier pieces of jewelry to wear, that you don't have to worry about so much. Stuff that lets you enjoy your day at the beach and your outdoor activities! Items that you can just put on and forget about are great for these warmer days that let us become more active. Sterling Silver and 14K gold pieces are perfect for these seasons, because they don't react to water as much as brass or plated gold items. My favorite are delicate layering necklaces. Here are some of my favorites all handmade by me!


Short Trek Necklaces, available in silver or with a 14k gold

Sun Beam Necklaces available in silver or with a 14k gold charm and silver chain

Three Spikes Necklace available in silver.

Steps Necklace available in silver or 14k gold

Day Necklace, available in silver. All the elemental necklaces have a sterling silver option. Other "elements" represented are Fire, Water, Earth, Air and Night.