Jessica Whitaker, photographer and vlogger! February 12 2016, 0 Comments

Jessica Whitaker is a super talented photographer/vlogger. You need to go see her work on her website here. She's especially amazing at portraits. She is from the Seattle area but is available for travel. If you're looking for a great photographer you need to go check her out!

She is also a talented vlogger with her own YouTube channel and loves to share some of her favorite things each month in a new video. I was lucky enough to be included in her January favorites. She is very funny and witty and has some pretty great favorite things. If you're into vlogs, she is one to follow. Here is her January favorites video featuring some Stefanie Sheehan rings and a pair of earrings: Click to watch here.

The items featured are as follows:

Gold Wide Cuddle Studs by Stefanie Sheehan Handmade Jewelry

Gold Wide Cuddle Studs. Click to shop.

Brass Pinnacle Ring by Stefanie Sheehan Handmade Jewelry

Brass Pinnacle Ring. Click to shop.

Gold Evil Eye Ring by Stefanie Sheehan Handmade Jewelry

Gold and Silver Evil Eye Ring. Click to shop.

Brass Spire Ring. Click to shop.


And here is Jessica Whitaker's instagram post wearing the Spire Ring:

Jessica Whitaker Instagram with Stefanie Sheehan Spire Ring

You can follow her on instagram @JessicaWhitaker

And you can follow me too! @stefsheejewelry